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These results speak for themselves: low-to-minimal employee turnover, maximized engagement, and a measurable boost in individual performance for businesses and organizations.


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Knowing ourselves and each other helps organizations to evolve in changing circumstances

In today's changing world, fostering meaningful human connections is a priority for thriving organizations. Now, more than ever, organizations need strong bonds. Research also shows that psychological safety is the most critical factor in the success of teams. Understanding each others personalities is central to psychological safety.

We accomplish more in teams and organizations that consciously value and leverage the strengths of diverse personalities. Join organizations around the world in experiencing the power of WorkPlace Big Five personality profiling - now available in Denmark. Lift your team to greater heights now!

Get reliable results

Profile personalities with confidence using the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ tool, that is based on modern personality research.

Describe natural behaviors accurately

Unveil a person's natural behaviors and comfort zones with precision through WorkPlace Big Five Profile™.

Enhance work performance and well-being

Develop teams, strengthen workplace skills, and cultivate leadership with insights from personality profiles. You can also fuel career planning, define recruitment needs and improve the effectiveness of coaching through personality profiles.

Certification, practicing personality profiling and using the tool:


  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ certification course is well suited for HR personnel, consultants, coaches, and anyone who works with organizational or personnel development.
  • As part of the certification, you will get to know your own personality profile and you can deepen your self-knowledge.
  • Training and course materials are in English, but the personality profile questionnaire is available in Danish.


  • You can practice personality profiling right away after the course as three free profile tryouts are included in the certification price.
  • You will have a two-hours online follow-up session approximately three months after the certification course.


  • After the certification course, you are authorized to use the WorkPlace Big Five Profile independently.
  • Workplace Nordic's friendly user support will help you in case you have any questions when using the tool.
  • You will be a part of the rapidly growing WorkPlace Big Five user network.
  • You will pay only for the usage; no license or other fixed fees apply.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ identifies and describes an individual's natural behaviors and comfort zones. It is rooted in the widely studied and globally acknowledged Big Five model of personality, known as the foremost method for recognizing personality differences between individuals.

What our customers are saying?

“I would definitely recommend WorkPlace Big Five Profile to other teams...”

"I would definitely recommend the WorkPlace Big Five to other teams, because I think it has been very interesting to discuss different personalities and traits within different teams and the organization.

It gives advantage [to the company] to have employees who know themselves, who know their strengths, and who can observe and react to situations based on the personalities they have, and also interact better within their teams.

It has been a very beneficial tool for us at Citycon."

Director, Asset Management, Citycon (Estonia)

“The WorkPlace Big Five profiling helps both individuals and teams. It’s also extremely useful for strengthening psychological safety in an organization...”

“Profound self-knowledge and an understanding of the reasons and consequences of your own behavior form the basis for good leadership. This is also necessary for being able to understand and interpret other people’s differences and behavior, which makes it possible to turn a group into a winning team. This applies to the management group, project team as well as any other team.

The WorkPlace Big Five profiling helps both individuals and teams. It’s also extremely useful for strengthening psychological safety in an organization. This is essential and an opportunity for change and development."

Founder, Executive advisor & principal consultant, Ave Group (Finland)

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Certification course (in English)

When: November 28-29, 2024; both days at 9-16

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark (location TBA)

To whom: HR personnel, consultants, coaches and for all who work within developing people/organizations

Price: Special Price EUR 1,980,- VAT 0 % per person (normal price EUR 2,400,- VAT 0 %). Extensive course materials, 3 free WPB5 profile tryouts and lunch + coffees on both days are included in the price.

Trainer: WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Master Trainer Hilkka-Maija Katajisto, Workplace Nordic

Training and course materials are in English, but the personality profile questionnaire is available in Danish.

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