Workplace Nordic 360º
Achieve more with feedback

How does your own personality come across in your workplace?

You have already got to know yourself via the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™, and you now know your natural behaviors and comfort zones. Excellent! Would you also like to see yourself through the eyes of others? Have you ever wondered whether others perceive your personality the way you do?

Workplace Nordic 360º
Providing basis for developing one’s behavior

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ does not measure performance, whereas the Workplace Nordic 360° assessment does, by measuring the person’s behavior as it appears to others. The idea of the Workplace Nordic 360° assessment is to make visible how somebody’s personality shows to others when collaborating. This information forms a useful basis for developing your behavior and for recognizing areas that drain your energy.

Do you want to?

  • increase your self-knowledge?
  • develop the performance of a team or management team?
  • develop leadership skills?
    make career or development plans for personnel?
  • ensure employees are doing the job they are best suited for?
  • develop the performance and atmosphere in the workplace?

Workplace Nordic 360° is quick to fill in

  • The questionnaire is short, focuses on the essentials and is quick to fill in (10–20 minutes)
  • Written in clear and concrete language used in the workplace, which makes it extremely easy for the user to understand
  • 23 questions examining the way one’s personality shows
  • Includes the option of giving open-ended feedback: “What in particular has delighted you int his person’s behavior?” and “What else would you like to say about this person’s way of acting?”
  • Option to add customized open-ended questions and additional modules
  • Available additional module reports: leadership module, coping with work load (self-assessment), psychological safety (self-assessment) and commitment to organization (self-assessment)
  • The questionnaire and report are currently available in Finnish, English, Italian and Swedish

How can I start using the Workplace Nordic 360°?

To ensure best understanding, the Workplace Nordic 360° report is interpreted with a certified WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ coach. The same coach provides you with the reports (assessments). Easy!

You can either:

Let the Workplace Nordic 360° assessment help you develop behavior based on feedback!

Examining behavior and actions in work contexts

Workplace Nordic 360° assessment complements the WorkPlace Big Five profiling and provides a basis for developing one’s behavior in various contexts.

The Workplace Nordic 360° examines the person’s actions and behavior in the work setting by way of the 23 WorkPlace Big Five subtraits such as worry, sociability, change, reserve and methodicalness.

The standard report contains (in addition to self-assessment) the following rater groups:

  • immediate manager
  • colleagues
  • direct reports
  • others

The assessee and all the raters answer the same questions. Rater groups are customizable. Assessments are made anonymously and, excepting the immediate manager, the answers are not linked to specific people.

The WorkPlace Big Five profile is usually not repeated (= personality remains constant). The 360° assessment, however, is repeated, and it’s well suited for following up on behavioral development (= we can change our behavior).

What our customers are saying?

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