WorkPlace Big Five Profile™
Personality matters

What are your natural behaviors and comfort zones?

A key finding from the Big Five research on the workplace is that people prefer and best succeed in tasks and circumstances that fit their Big Five profiles. We accomplish more in teams and organizations that know how to take into account and benefit from different personalities.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™
Personality and team profiling tool

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ , based on modern personality research, is an efficient personality and team profiling tool. A growing number of organizations around the world have deployed it.

WorkPlace Big Five is an excellent tool for developing teams, assessing management skills, career planning, defining recruitment needs and streamlining the effects of coaching.

Do you want to

  • increase your self-knowledge?
  • develop the performance of a team or management team?
  • optimize the way you build teams and management teams by utilizing the strengths of different personalities?
  • develop leadership skills?
    make career or development plans for personnel?
  • make justifiable recruitment decisions?
  • ensure employees are doing the job they are best suited for?
  • strengthen the team skills in the workplace?
  • help resolve conflicts in the workplace?

WorkPlace Big Five is customized to suit the needs of the workplace, it’s reliable and easy to use

  • WorkPlace Big Five is customized to suit the needs of the workplace, it’s reliable and easy to use
  • Versatile tool for profiling people and teams; 360° assessment available as well
  • Based on an extensively studied, reliable personality model
  • The questionnaire is short, focuses on the essentials and is quick to fill in (10–20 minutes)
  • Written in clear and concrete language used in the workplace, which makes it extremely easy for the user to understand
  • You will have in-depth and detailed results quickly
  • Several language versions available
  • Several norm groups available
  • Pragmatic—gives clear guidelines on the best ways to work with different personalities

How can I start using the WorkPlace Big Five?

The person being assessed will not interpret the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ by themselves; it’s always discussed with a certified WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ coach. The same certified coach provides you with the reports (assessments). Easy!

Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of the WorkPlace Big Five profiles today!

You’ll get to download the sample report after filling this form


Big Five: five areas of personality

The Big Five model of personality is a modern, extensively studied and reliable personality model. It has been widely accepted as the “standard” of personality research, and it is also often used as the basis when evaluating the validity of other personality assessment tools. That is why the Big Five Model is sometimes called “the mother of all personality assessment tools”.

The Big Five model divides personality in five areas (Supertraits). Based on these traits, we can describe a person’s behavior. The WorkPlace Big Five Supertraits are:

  • Need for stability (N)
  • Extraversion (E)
  • Originality (O)
  • Accommodation (A)
  • Consolidation (C)

In addition, WorkPlace Big Five looks at personality through 23 subtraits.

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