Organizational analyses
Gain a deeper insight into the organization as a whole

Companies at the forefront want a deeper insight into their organizations

Do you know what kind of people work in your organization? What kinds of personality traits do salespeople or top sellers have, for example, compared to other employees in the company? How do successful employees differ from others in the organization? Are there signs of risk factors for burnout in your organization?

Our organizational analyses will answer questions like these. Organizations that see the employees’ differences as a resource will ensure personnel well-being and success.

Organizational analyses
What can we analyze?

We offer various customized analyses that are based on reports obtained with our tools. The research questions in the analyses are always customized to suit the organization’s needs. In the analyses, we can link the results with personality, emotional intelligence, 360° assessments, burnout and the employees’ views on their workplace attributes. We use our tools’ individual reports and the organization’s own sources of information as the basis for the analysis.

Examples of questions we analyze:

  • What is the organization’s typical WorkPlace Big Five Profile like, and how does it differ from other Finnish employees, for example?
  • What kind of personality traits does the company’s executive team have, and how does the team differ from Finnish executives in general?
  • How does the executive team differ from other employees in the company?
  • What are the company’s salespeople like compared to other employees in the company? What are the successful salespeople like?
  • What are the employees’ views on their workplace attributes that may have an impact on whether they feel actively engaged in their work or burned out?
  • Are there any changes in work well-being (follow-up on development)?
Leadership personalitytraits comparison
Leadership personalitytraits comparison

Analyses spark organizational development

Our clients have felt that the organizational analyses have been true eye-openers. For example, our clients have gained insight into the link between burnout and personality traits. This information helps to accommodate organizational actions proactively. Our clients have seen what sets the top sellers apart from others, which helps when recruiting new salespeople, for example. The analyses have helped our clients understand the results of personnel surveys better.

The analyses provide important information on how to develop an organization and ensure employees’ well-being at work. We accomplish more in teams and organizations that proactively take into consideration the differences in people.

How do I order an organizational analysis?

Please note that we always use the reports obtained from one of our tools (WorkPlace Big Five Profile, EQ-i 2.0, Workplace Nordic 360° or the Maslach Burnout Toolkit) as basis for the analyses, so we will naturally need to have the reports available for all those who will be included in the analyses.

You can order organizational analyses either from your certified partner or, if you are a certified user of our tools, directly from us.

Get deeper insight into your organization!

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