EQ-i 2.0®
Emotional intelligence – the secret to individual and organizational success

EQ-i 2.0®
Can you use and develop your emotional intelligence?

Research shows that emotional intelligence is a skill which top performers and professionals master. Emotional intelligence is a skill that promotes success and well-being for you and for others. Emotional intelligence is not a static factor – on the contrary, your emotional intelligence changes over time, and you can consciously develop it in targeted areas.

Emotional intelligence is not vague; we can measure and describe it in a concrete manner with the scientifically tested Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0®. Organizations benefit from emotionally intelligent employees, and measuring emotional intelligence pays off. The EQ-i 2.0 is already used in more than 60 countries, and companies such as Google, GE and Intel use it in their recruitment and development programs.

Emotional intelligence is concrete

“Cooperative”, “You communicate smoothly with both colleagues and customers”, “Skillful team player”, “You blend into any team effortlessly”… These are valued attributes in many workplaces today. Have you ever thought that these attributes are also concrete examples of emotional intelligence?

You can benefit from using Emotional Quotient Inventory in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Selection (together with personality profiling)
  • Organizational Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building

Identify your emotional intelligence and develop your skills

  • The EQ-i 2.0® is a versatile, psychometric method for assessing emotional intelligence. A 360° assessment is also available.
  • The first scientifically validated measure of EI
  • 133 questions measuring emotional intelligence, administration time 15 – 30 minutes.
  • An easy-to-read report that shows clearly both the strengths and areas needing development in one’s emotional intelligence.
  • Several language versions available.

How can I start using the EQ-i?

The person being assessed will not interpret the EQ-i 2.0® report by themselves; it’s always discussed with a certified EQ-i 2.0 coach. The same certified coach provides you with the reports (assessments). Easy!

Be a forerunner, start utilizing the emotional intelligence scale!

You’ll get to download the sample report after filling this form


The EQ-i 2.0® Model

The EQ-i 2.0 features one overarching EI score (Total EI), broken down into five composite scores which measure five distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning:

  • Self-perception
  • Self-expression
  • Interpersonal
  • Decision making
  • Stress Management.

These in turn, are broken down into a total of 15 subscales (e.g. self-regard, assertiveness, empathy, problem solving and flexibility).

In your own report, you will get an overall assessment of your emotional intelligence plus your results for all components in the emotional intelligence model.

Based on the original EQ-i authored by Reuven Bar-On, copyright 1997. Copyright © 2011 Multi-Health Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

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