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A rich emotional climate leads to success

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Emergy Emotional Climate Audit®
Emotional climate can be a success factor and competitive advantage for an organization, or it can be a barrier to achieving your goals.

Did you know that emotional climate is the most important factor explaining the performance of top teams? And that an organization’s emotional climate affects employee well-being, financial performance, productivity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction?

The emotions that employees experience at work, the ability of the workplace community to deal with different emotions, psychological safety and the attention to psychological needs make up the unique emotional climate of any workplace. This emotional climate has a crucial impact on people’s performance at work: it affects energy levels, motivation, interaction, decision-making and commitment.

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® highlights the key elements of well-being and success at work

With Emergy Emotional Climate Audit™ you identify your organization’s strengths and clear areas for improvement. What kind of emotions are experienced in the workplace? How engaged are people? And what is the level of emotional agency of individuals and the organization?

You can use Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® to:

  • Monitor emotional climate, well-being, and engagement at the team or organizational level
  • Improve well-being and satisfaction at work
  • Enhance and strengthen team collaboration
  • Promote the desired organizational culture
  • Develop leadership competence
  • Make informed decisions to improve the emotional climate
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Create an emotional climate that enables your community to succeed!

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® is a comprehensive, research-based and practical tool for measuring emotional climate. It reveals factors that influence the success of an organization that may otherwise be difficult to uncover and helps leaders make informed decisions:

Emotional Agency

How does your company recognize, deal with and make use of your own and others’ emotions? Are your employees skilled in dealing with their own and others’ emotions? Does your organizational culture allow enough space for feelings?

The Emotional Agency Index describes your organization’s emotional intelligence at the individual and workplace levels. At the individual level, emotional competence refers to the emotional skills of individuals. At the workplace level, emotional well-being refers to the psychological safety experienced in the workplace, the emotional skills at the community level, and the positive emotional practices of the organization.

Emotions in the workplace
Thousands of different emotions are encountered during the working day and have a significant impact on, for example, cooperation, job performance, and decision-making. What kinds of positive and negative emotions are present in your organization?

Commitment to work and the organization

Organizational and work commitment refers to an employee’s positive attitude towards his/her organization and work. An engaged employee is committed to the organization’s values, goals, and future and tries his or her best for the organization.

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® is research-based, reliable and easy to use!

  • Is a versatile tool that takes an in-depth look into the emotional climate factors in assessing the well-being and performance of teams and organizations
  • Gives the user comprehensive information on the emotional climate and its various factors
  • Based on extensive research
  • The audit is based on an online questionnaire that consist of 77 questions
  • The questionnaire is intuitive and quick to complete (10 – 15 minutes)
  • Results are presented in relation to a norm group, so you can easily see how your scores compare to other organizations
  • The report is written in clear language used in the workplace, which makes it easy to understand
  • The report provides detailed and practical guidance on where to focus and how to develop the desired emotional climate
  • Questionnaire and reports available in Finnish and English (ask for more languages)

How can I access Emergy Emotional Climate Audit®?

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Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® is always conducted by a certified coach.

If you would like to commission Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® for your organization or team, there are two ways to do it:

  • Get certified through us and get the right to use the Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® independently OR
  • Find your own Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® certified user: certified consultants

Be a pioneer and take control of the emotional climate in your workplace!

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Emergy Emotional Climate Audit®

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® measures the emotional climate of your workplace using the following indicators:

  • Emotional agency
    • Individual and organizational level
  • Achievement of basic psychological needs
  • Commitment
  • Emotions in the workplace

Results are compared to a norm group, so you can easily see how your workplace performance mirrors that of other companies.

The report can be commissioned for small teams or entire organizations.

Emotional Climate
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Emergy’s joint research with universities in the TUNTO project has shown that emotional engagement is positively related to organizational productivity through the elements that influence it: emotional climate, commitment to work and the organization, and success in change initiatives.

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® chosen as the Patent of the Month!

We are extremely proud to announce that our product, the Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® (EECA®), has been chosen as the Patent of the Month! We take immense pride in our tool, which has been developed in collaboration with top universities in Finland. Read more in the article below (in Finnish)!


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You’ll get to download the sample report after filling this form