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VTT is going ”Beyond the Obvious” – utilizing relevant data to transform a company

VTT has been a forerunner in utilizing Emergy Emotional Climate Audit™ (EECA) to assess the current situation, develop a customized intervention for the situation, and follow the progress and effect of the intervention. In just one year, VTT saw significant improvement in 12 out of 14 different psychological markers, based on the EECA report of 850 […]

An Eye-opening personality assessment experience

An Eye-opening personality assessment experience

When I applied for my current job, I was asked to fill in a WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ questionnaire. My thoughts were confused and mixed: ”Argh, another one of those tests drawn up by shrinks; well I suppose I’ll have to fill it in although I really don’t feel like it”. ”I wonder what skeletons […]

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