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Also our team is comprised of various Big Five profiles. If you have any questions about our products, certifications or trainings, please contact us—we’re happy to help you!

Hilkka-Maija Katajisto

Partner, Master Trainer

+358 40 017 3924

Hilkka-Maija, who’s not easily intimidated, handles all kinds of situations with logic, trusting her fellow human beings. She expresses her views skillfully, without hesitation and in a constructive manner, trying to find a good solution for all. She often has a lot on her plate and she doesn’t shy away from any challenge.

Hilkka-Maija has worked in management development as an executive coach and facilitator for management teams, and she has also acted as a member of management teams in international companies. During her career, she has worked for example as a human resources director, executive search consultant and change management coach.

Jarkko Rantanen

Partner, Master Trainer

+358 50 528 4808

Characteristic of Jarkko is a broad interest in all things new. He is an enthusiastic innovator and developer of ideas, and his way of working is flexible and active. Jarkko aims at creating harmonious, genuine and open collaboration with colleagues as well as with customers.

Jarkko is a psychologist, coach and nonfiction writer, specialized in emotion skills and personality issues in the workplace. During his career, he has worked as a work psychologist, recruitment consultant, HR manager and facilitator for management teams.

Liisa Yrjölä

Sales and marketing coordinator

+358 45 102 4668

Liisa is calm, confident and stable. She usually has her feet on the ground and she looks at everything “here and now”. Liisa’s approach to work is pragmatic, tactical, orderly and efficient. She has a strong drive to achieve. In cooperative contexts, Liisa intuitively looks for alternatives that benefit all parties.

Liisa has previously held various positions in sales and marketing as well as in training coordination both in Finland and internationally (in Singapore and Dubai).

Erica Michelsson

Researcher and product developer

+358 40 820 1892

Erica is an analytical and creative person. She is an open-minded and quick-witted person who is not afraid to take on new challenges. She has a strong drive to develop and innovate, which is why she participates in the development of new products and services here at Workplace Nordic.

Erica has worked in several research groups in the field of psychology, and she has taught university-level statistical sciences in preliminary courses for future psychologists. Erica specializes in psychological and neurocognitive assessment methods and in psychometrics.

Tomi Hakala

Systems specialist

+358 40 765 2534

Tomi seeks novelty and opposes resistance to change. He solves problems openly and methodically. In his work, Tomi adapts quickly to changing situations, and he always has his eye on the next challenge.

Tomi has worked as a managerial coach and business developer and in several system integration projects.

Victoria Gora

Marketing and Content Creation

+358 45 800 8404

Victoria is an expressive and extroverted team member, who values efficiency. With a BSc Double Major in Biology and Psychology from Canada, she has gained experience across various fields. She is always eager to learn new skills to take on any challenge with a positive attitude.


Workplace Nordic promotes, develops and supports the use of carefully selected world-class assessment tools for individuals and teams worldwide. Workplace Nordic offers high-quality certification programmes for our tools. Our clients include companies, consultants and coaches, who use the tools for example for developing management teams and other teams, for leadership development programs, career planning and recruitment.

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