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Having different personalities in the team and organization creates challenges and opportunities. Do you know yourself? And how well do you know your colleague’s personality? Can you act in an intelligent manner with yourself and with others?

Research shows that psychological security is top teams’ most critical success factor. The basis for everything is knowing oneself and being able to make choices and express oneself openly and empathetically. Well-being and productivity reinforce each other and strengthen both individual and organizational success.

Workplace Nordic promotes, develops and supports the use of carefully selected, world-class assessment tools for individuals and teams in Northern Europe. Workplace Nordic offers organizations certification training for example on the tools we represent. Our clients include companies, consultants and coaches, who use the tools for example for developing management teams and other teams, for leadership development programs, career planning and recruitment.

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A key finding from the Big Five research on the workplace is that people prefer and best succeed in tasks and circumstances that fit their Big Five profiles. We accomplish more in teams and organizations that know how to take into account and benefit from different personalities…

Something that has proved both a useful and fun way of stimulating open discussion in a team is the Conflict situations and emotional temperament team simulation. The simulation places the team in an imaginary situation, away from the work context. In the heat of the game, the team learns about each

Research shows that emotional intelligence is a skill which top performers and professionals master. Emotional intelligence is a skill that promotes success and well-being for you and for others. Emotional intelligence is not a static factor – on the contrary, your emotional intelligence changes over time, and you can consciously develop it in targeted areas. Emotional intelligence is not vague; we can measure and describe it in a concrete manner…

In Finland, one in four people experiences symptoms of burnout. Preventing burnout is extremely important for the individual and the organization. Addressing risk factors for burnout proactively can have a big impact: we can increase well-being, improve satisfaction and the quality of work. We can reduce absences, staff resignations and turnover…

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