The changing world has a huge impact on the emotional climate of all organizations. Those who thrive are the ones who lead their emotional climate.

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Emotions have a huge impact on well-being and performance - also at work

This is not a matter of opinion. Regardless of what work you are doing, emotions always play a part in your actions. Working life studies have recently paid increasing attention to how the emotional climate of work communities is formed and how it can be affected.

Previously, people often thought that work is just a question of performance. A person comes to work, performs the assigned tasks and then closes the door when leaving at the end of the day or shift. Today, the relationship between an individual and their work is understood in a more comprehensive way. The emotional climate of workplaces is also seen to have an effect on both well-being at work and the results of an organization.

A rich Emotional Climate drives resilience and leads to success.

Did you know that the emotional climate is the factor that best explains the performance of top teams?

Emotional climate can be an organizational success factor and a competitive advantage, or it can be a barrier to the achievement of results. Organization's emotional climate affects employee well-being, financial performance, productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

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Here’s What You’ll Need to Know First

Emotional Climate

An emotional climate arises from the emotions experienced and expressed together by members of a team or an organization.

A poor emotional climate will lead to low motivation, lack of teamwork, cynicism, high turnover, and low productivity.

A good emotional climate leads to increased well-being, resilience, enhanced teamwork, higher work engagement and organizational commitment, as well as improved productivity.

Improving the Emotional Climate

Did you know that organizational culture changes slowly, but emotional climate can change in an instant? The fastest way to improve the emotional climate is by strenghtening emotional agency i.e. one’s own emotional skills and the way emotions are dealt with at work.

Developing the emotional agency has been shown to improve workplace team spirit, positive organizational practices, and psychological safety, which in turn help teams and work communities make better decisions and achieve their goals.

Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit

Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit is a thorough, research-based and pragmatic tool for measuring the key components of the emotional climate: the level of emotional agency, what emotions are present in the given team or organization, the level of work engagement and psychological safety in the organization, and how committed employees are to their organization. Such information provides an excellent basis with concrete action points for developing the desired emotional climate and leadership initiatives in a given team or a whole organization.

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With my background in engineering, I have learned that the world works based on rational arguments and factual matters. However, experience has shown that emotions have a huge impact on the performance of an organisation. The world is changing rapidly, and this fact is common to all organisations. Usually, people first react to change emotionally and think about how it will affect them. Through coaching, they learn to recognise why each person reacts to matters in a certain way. This, in turn, helps understand the environment and advance matters faster. Discussions are now more open, customers can be taken into consideration better and personnel satisfaction is improving.

Tampereen Tilapalvelut Oy, Managing Director


Thanks to the training, our courage and skills to raise issues that were previously left unaddressed have increased. We clearly have more honest discussions now and at the same time, our ability to listen and also to hear what others are saying have been strengthened.

Endress + Hauser Oy, HR Manager

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  • You can try these steps immediately and soon notice tangible results.

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