Get Insightful about Workplace Emotional Climate

This invitation is extended to consultants, coaches, HR personnel, and all professionals who aspire to be forerunner in enhancing the well-being, resilience, productivity, and ultimately, the financial outcomes of teams and organizations.


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What would you say to a leader who says emotions have nothing to do with real business?

Our Master Trainer Jarkko Rantanen asked this question from emotional intelligence pioneer, Dr Steven Stein. Watch the short video for his answer!


Did you know that the emotional climate is the factor that best explains the performance of top teams?

Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit tool was created based on hard facts and extensive research. These facts stand firmly on empirical evidence, not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. Irrespective of your role or profession, emotions have a huge impact on our behaviours and actions. Studies on working-life dynamics have increasingly focused on the formation and impact of emotional climates within workplaces. It is widely recognized that the emotional climate of a workplace influences both the well-being and the results of an organization.

What is emotional Climate?

  • An emotional climate arises from the emotions experienced and expressed together by members of a team or an organization.
  • A poor emotional climate will lead to low motivation, lack of teamwork, cynicism, high turnover, and low productivity.
  • A good emotional climate leads to increased well-being, resilience, enhanced teamwork, higher work engagement and organizational commitment, as well as improved productivity.

How to add Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit to your toolkit?


Who can register

  • The certification course is best suited for consultants, coaches, HR personnel, and anyone who works with organizational or personnel development.
  • Training and materials are in English (also available in Finnish)
  • 1-day certification course (at CET 9 am -4 pm) is organized online.


What you'll learn

  • The key concepts of workplace emotional climate.
  • How to measure the emotional climate and find the core strengths and areas of improvement
  • Find the blindspots of a team or an organization.
  • You can carry out one complimentary Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit with one group of your choice as a part of the certification
  • You'll get practical tips for developing your clients emotional climate
  • Also includes a follow-up session where you can ask questions and share your experiences.


How you can use the tool

  • Completion of this certification program will allow you to administer the Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit tool, generate reports and provide feedback to groups on their audit results.
  • Upon completion of the certification course, you will be authorized to use and distribute the tool, giving you a distinct competitive edge and the ability to offer it to your clients.
  • Workplace Nordic's friendly support team will be there to help you in the future as well, in case you have any questions when using the tool.
  • You will be a part of the rapidly growing Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit tool user network.
  • After the certification you pay only for the usage, no license or other fixed fees apply.
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Working with the emotional climate makes a difference

"The pandemic has affected us, like many others, in different ways. We felt that we wanted to have a training that would bring our people together and help us stay committed. I was aware that the topic and the training itself could be a little bit more challenging for some of my team. But to my surprise, everyone was very excited.

Many people have said that it was so useful to do this kind of training instead of the regular management training we have all done so many of. It has been great to see the team using the practical tools they learned in the training. We are now incorporating everything we learned into practice to make sure that we keep going and continue the progress. We really are building our emotional climate together."

- Peter Bruhn, Boligsiden, CEO


Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit is research-based, reliable and easy to use!

  • A versatile tool that takes an in-depth look into the emotional climate factors in assessing the well-being and performance of teams and organizations
  • Gives the user comprehensive information on the emotional climate and its various factors
  • Based on extensive research
  • The audit is based on an online survey that consist of 77 questions
  • The survey is intuitive and quick to complete (10 - 15 minutes)
  • Results are presented in relation to a norm group, so you can easily see how your scores compare to other organizations.
  • The report uses everyday workplace language, making it easy to understand without complex scientific terms.
  • The report provides detailed and practical guidance on where to focus and how to develop the desired emotional climate
  • Survey and reports are available in English and Finnish (ask for more languages)

Become a Specialist in Measuring the Emotional Climate.

Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit Certification

When: Customized scheduling | Online ( 7 hrs Zoom session)

Where: Online

To whom: The certification course is best suited for consultants, coaches, HR personnel, and anyone who works with organizational or personnel development.

Price: EUR 1,000,- VAT 0 % per person. Price includes 1 complimentary Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit Report to one group of your choice

Trainer: Master Trainer Hilkka-Maija Katajisto